Spinning Wheels

We have an Etsy store where our wheels and fiber tools can be purchased. If you like the things you see here on the blog, take a moment to check out what we have for sale in the shop.  I’m constantly working on wheels, if you do not see one for sale please ask me, I’m always working on some. I would be happy to reserve one for you.

Morning Street Spinning Wheel

Handmade Spinning Wheel in black walnut

After I designed and built a spinning wheel for my wife, I realized wheel building has become a true passion of mine. From that experience another desire arose; to create a wheel totally different from what’s currently available. The Morning Street Spinning Wheel is the result of a year of thorough research and tireless persistence. These beautiful wheels are handcrafted, sanded and finished with the same passion that built that first wheel.

This wheel is a bobbin lead system featuring 4 drive ratios. A poly drive band simplifies tensioning when changing speeds. Three bobbins are included with every wheel. Each bobbin assembly uses low friction bushings for minimal wear on the precision ground flyer shaft. Both maidens are fitted with a super smooth bearing surface to ensure a free spinning flyer. The 18” diameter wheel rides on maintenance free, sealed ball bearings. The tripod design combines great stability with lightweight simplicity. A quick disconnect on the footman allows the pedal to pivot up, so the front legs can fold against the wheel. An elastic strap secures the back leg and pedal together when the wheel is folded.

Wheel diameter: 18”
Orifice height: 32”
Orifice diameter: 1/2”
Weight: 9.5 pounds
Drive ratios: 6, 8 10.2 & 14.4

Package contains
1 spinning wheel
1 orifice hook
3 bobbins
1 mother of all
1 flyer
1 cut to length drive band
Assembly package includes
3/16” hex wrench
2 flat 10/24 machine screws
Assembly instructions